An Interview with the Outgoing Skal USA President: Lisa Conway

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Skal Philadelphia was pleased to have some time to talk to Lisa Conway, the outgoing Skal USA President. Upon reflection of her year, here are some insights and takeaways from Lisa:

1.     Reflecting on your year of service, what do you think your biggest impacts have been as President?   SKAL USA clubs hosted both North American Skal Congress and the World Congress.  Quite an achievement by our host clubs Hawaii and Miami, not to mention the work the Executive Committee also put into it to make both events a success.

**Next Year’s North American Skal Congress will be held in Winnepeg April 30 – May 2, 2020. The Skal World Congress will be held in Croatia October 15-20th. **

2.     What is the biggest benefit of being a Skal member? We are the only organization with national and international networking opportunities.  Our members should be taking more advantage of this by reaching outside of home clubs to other members around the world.

3.     Tell us a little about the New York Skal Club. What are some strategies that are used to gain and retain members? New York is a very diverse city with a lot of different travel organizations.  Skal, however, is the only international organization.  We focus quite a bit on that, as well as drawing in different travel and hospitality areas such as Tourist Boards, Attractions, etc.

4.     What is your leadership style and how has that affected Skal USA?  I have a very “hands off” approach, and would rather lead by letting executive committee members make their own marks.

5.     Now becoming a Past President, did you have a favorite moment or memory from your term? It was great spending time with the SKAL USA Executive Committee and making lifelong friends.

6.     Leading the Skal USA team is a big undertaking. What is your advice for the incoming President, David Ryan? Beware of Skalatics (that’s Skal politics) and have a great time!

7.     What is your job outside of Skal? I am the Vice President of a Travel Insurance and Reinsurance division for the Americas at Roanoke Insurance Group, a Munich Re- Specialty company (and the largest reinsurer in the world).  I manage a team of employees responsible for product design, compliance, pricing, and profitability as well as opening new markets in the Americas.

Thank you to Lisa for her year of service, leadership, and dedication to Skal.

Congratulations to David Ryan, the incoming Skal USA President. Stay tuned for interview with him!


  1. Thank you Lisa for a wonderful job. our passion, ability to not let the small stuff bother you, reacting when appropriate and ignoring when you could, letting us do our job, be patient when a deadline was missed (mostly day-job time restraints) and most for your friendship and advice throughout the year. I will miss our regular interactions. T

  2. We are extremely proud of Lisa in the NYC Skal chapter. Her leadership and hard work are testament to a great year in leading our entire country and two congresses North America and World. Both very successful.

    Thank you to every chapter that voted her in and now we would like to reclaim her back!

  3. Thank you Lisa for your sane advise throughout 2019. I really enjoyed our time together on the Miami Cruise. Best wishes for 2020. Cheers Peter M

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