Meet Our Members: Betsy Barber

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Skal Philadelphia is excited to announce our new “Meet Our Members” Series. Each month, we will spotlight some of our Skal members and provide some insight as to why they are involved in Skal. Our first member spotlight goes to Betsy Barber. Read more below to hear about her story:


  1. Name:  Betsy Barber
  2. Occupation: University Professor
  3. Years as Skal Member: Four Years
  4. Hometown: Wapello, IA born and raised  (now Philadelphia, PA)
  5. Why did you join Skal?   I believe in the mission of Skal and the local chapter gave me a way to learn more about the organization.
  6. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment to date?  I spent 18 years as the Associate Dean of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM).  As the founding associate dean, the Temple University program is now flourishing with over 1,100 students, 30 + faculty and 20 staff.  I have returned to the faculty, and back to what I enjoy most, teaching students.
  7. If you could plan a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Riverboat Cruise throughout Europe.  Any cruise line and any river.  This is #1 on my bucket list.
  8. Tell us more about your job…what do you do every day?  Besides teaching classes for both undergraduates and graduate students, I serve as the Executive Director for Business Development and Partnerships in STHM.   We are constantly looking to create new business partners, and seeking projects for faculty and students to complete for “real industry issues” for “real businesses”.
  9. What’s your favorite tip for someone in our industry?  Be a cheerleader for the Travel and Tourism Industry.  While not always getting the respect it deserves, our industries are considered the first or second place leader in economic impact in many regions around the world, including the U.S.
  10. What sorts of trends do you notice in the hospitality/travel industry in the next five years?  Technology – from how we travel, to the creation of our experiences – technology will continue to forge the way of creativity and innovation.



Thanks to Betsy for providing some insight into Philadelphia, Skal, and her experiences within our vast industry! 




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