Meet the President: Greg DeShields

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We are pleased to announce our latest segment by introducing our new President of Skal Philadelphia: Greg DeShields. Check out our interview with Greg!


Greg DeShields


Executive Director PHLDiversity a business development division of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

Years as Skal Member:




Why did you join Skal? 

To expand my Travel Tourism Network

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment to date?

My marriage

If you could plan a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Republic of Singapore

Tell us more about your job…what do you do every day? 

As Executive Director of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau PHL Diversity, I am responsible for developing and implementing plans, strategies and initiatives, specifically designed to raise Philadelphia’s image as a diverse multicultural destination leading to hotel room nights and economic impact for the region.

What’s your favorite tip for someone in our industry?

Find your passion and what you do will never seem like work!

What sorts of trends to you notice in the hospitality/travel industry in the next five years? 

  • Customized Guest Experienced
  • Infiltration of Shared Economy Services
  • Sensitivity toward Social Impact of the Hospitality/Travel Industry
  • Safety
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

What is your vision for Skal Philadelphia over the next year? 

A top priority is to “significantly” increase the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity of Skal Philadelphia, we must ensure all who understand and value the fundamentals of Skal Philadelphia are invited and have access to our chapter.

What is a key leadership quality that drives your success and progress within an organization? 

Taking a strategic, creative and innovative approach will allow us to move the chapter

Talk about the Diversity & Inclusion Conference that is coming to Philly in March. What kind of impact do you think the conference will have on Philadelphia and on our industry? 

The Diversity & Inclusion Conference is a multi-industry and education summit dedicated to the exchange of insights and concepts about Diversity & Inclusion best practices.

Our goal is to provide a learning forum to discuss strategies that can influence corporate social responsibility and broaden cross-cultural understanding, producing critical dialogue and exchange of information for effective tactics.

How do you think companies and organizations in Philadelphia can be more inclusive?

  • Educate your Leaders
  • Form an Inclusion Council
  • Expand your Outreach and Programs
  • Celebrate Your Employee Differences value these characteristics
  • Listen to Your Employees
  • Include the Different, it makes it better

Enhancement of an existing idea, embracing and embedding additional points of view.

To learn more about the Diversity & Inclusion Conference in Philadelphia, visit:

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