Skal USA: A Look into Membership

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Skal Philadelphia had the chance to interview Richard Scinta, who is the Director of Membership for Skal USA and an active member of Skal Orlando. During our discussion with him, we received some insight into Skal USA and the future of the organization…

  1. How many current SKAL USA members are there? This number changes daily, but currently there are 1,829 Skal members across the USA. The overall goal is to increase year over year.
  2. Is there a specific geographic region that has a greater number of members, or is it spread evenly across the country? There are pockets of members regionally. Northeast and southeast are concentrated, Florida has numerous clubs throughout the state. Richard notices that clubs are more prominent in tourist heavy parts of the country.
  3. What are some key initiatives that Skal USA is focusing on to drive membership? The current focus of Skal USA is making the organization viable and relevant for members. There are discussions surrounding how Skal can be more useful to its current members, and draw more in. One idea that is currently on the table, is creating a tourism certification program through Skal that would be helpful within our industry. Skal was created as a social club, with networking benefits. Business is relevant but kept somewhat separate. The driver of our organization is “doing business among friends”. The Skal USA Board is looking to redirect some of that focus to the more industry related functions. Another idea is to allow Skal to become more strategic, is the possible creation of a Skal USA sponsored internship program.
  4. What do you currently view as the biggest opportunities for Skal USA? Currently, the Skal USA Board is looking into how we can expand our membership within new markets. Many up and coming tourist cities are being targeted to start clubs. The second opportunity for Skal is engaging the younger generation.
  5. What do you think is the best benefit to being a skal member? Richard sees the best Skal benefit as meeting people with similar goals, commonality among peers, and learning from others within the industry. His connections in Skal have allowed him to build a beneficial database of knowledgeable people within Skal USA and throughout the country . The social aspect of our club sets us apart from many other tourism and hospitality organizations.
  6. Where do you see the future of Skal heading? A younger generation is becoming involved in Skal and new ideas are coming to the table. There is a momentum building in what we are doing and accomplishing. Our clubs are becoming more diverse in backgrounds and experiences and that is a great benefit to current and prospective members.

Thanks to Richard for some great insight on membership development within Skal USA!

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