USA #HOSPITALITYSTRONG FUND PAYS OFF–Hospitality Workers Receive Assistance

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WASHINGTON, September 18, 2020 — Anthony Melchiorri, respected travel and hospitality
expert and Travel Channel celebrity, teamed up with Skål International USA and two Skål Clubs,
New York and Long Island, to lend a hand to help out of work hospitality workers due to the
COVID-19 pandemic. Recently over 10 thankful individuals received the initial offering showing
their gratitude through email and video messages.
All the recipients were extremely thankful to receive any support as characterized by one of the
recipients who expressed in an email, “Thank you! Every bit helps us stay afloat until we can get
our business back on track. We appreciate your efforts and the work of this organization on
behalf of the hospitality industry — all of the industry! This is wonderful news and I thank you
for brightening my day. Take care!”
David Ryan, President of Skal USA, and all those involved have expressed there thanks to the
folks throughout Skal International and the hospitality community who have donated to the
fund during the past few months. The individuals selected went through a selection criteria
process to ensure they were qualified to receive funding. “Basically, they had to be employed in
the hospitality community and had lost their job to be eligible, said Ryan. “The fundraising
campaign is still active and with the unemployment funds and PPP expiring it’s even more
important for everyone to continue to donate to the fund. Its expected that many hospitality
and travel organizations will be laying off more employees through the fall and winter until
there is a vaccine distributed widely throughout the globe.
The funds raised by this GoFundMe drive will be distributed to hospitality workers that have
served our communities and have been essential to the travel industry, whether working in
hotels, restaurants, catering facilities, attractions or one of many other hospitality related
organizations that are a bedrock of the tourism economy. We will keep the fund working as
long as hospitality workers are unemployed due to the virus. “Please donate if you can and we
appreciate any amount. 100% of the funds collected will be distributed. Thank you,” said Ryan.

To apply or donate to the fund, visit: