World Tourism Day 2018

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World Tourism Day

September 27, 2018


View our Message from the Skal CEO:

This year the World Tourism Day’s official celebration will be
held in Budapest, Hungary. Under the theme of “Tourism and
Digital Transformation”, it will be held from the 26th to 28th of
September and there will be many varied activities around this
The General Secretary of the UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, and
the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Commerce of Hungry, Péter
Szijjártó, have worked together in order that the issue of Digital
Transformation (DT) be debated at the highest level.
The organisers have made comments in the last days on “the
fact that the advances in digital technology go hand in hand
with the changes in the way we contact one another and
exchange information and have changed the way we act and
promote innovation and the strategies for a more sustainable
and responsible development model. Keeping a continuous,
constant and inclusive growth in the tourist industry that is in
harmony with the United Nations’ objectives regarding
Sustainable Development, means that a better understanding
is needed regarding the increasing economic, social and
environmental impact that technology and innovation are
having on tourism”.
It does not surprise me, and I have commented on various
occasions, DT in the tourist sector is no longer an option, it is in
fact the only way forward, for this reason our plan is to ensure
Skål is in possession of the necessary tools as soon as possible.
Using “Big data” has become a necessary factor, more than a
At present, companies and users are connected, they exchange
information and make transactions in ways we could have
never imagined. The combination of digital platforms, opinions
and content created by users, the integration of social
networks, global positioning systems and the use of macro data
and artificial intelligence have transformed the way we
manage, consume and share information.
Tourism, as one of the main crosscutting economic sectors in
the world, is both bearing witness and taking a leading role in
these changes. For both private and public entities in the
tourist sector, information and communication technology
tools are essential and extremely useful in management,
logistics, distribution and marketing.
Our organisation has a huge global database, that unites
members from more than 94 countries, allowing them a
potential to do business and expand activities in an impressive
way. This tool is an advantage that not all our members use to
its full extent in the betterment of their businesses.
Over the last months we have received many enquiries about
this and for this reason I would like to remind you of this
interesting benefit. By logging with your user name and
password in the “Members” section of our web page, you will have information on all our members
worldwide, which can be filtered by, for example, country or
activity. Having at hand an up to date database is key to your
business or activity and can bring new business opportunities.
On the 27th of September we celebrate the World Tourism Day,
keeping in mind the need to invest in revolutionary digital
technologies that help create an innovative and enterprising
tourism model. 2018, a great year to come together and decide
on the next steps to take for the future of Skål when we meet
in our World Congress in Mombas.

Daniela Otero
CEO, Skål International


To learn more about World Tourism Day, visit this link

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